Look At These Amazing Works of Art in Beach Sand !!!!! Now whoever did this KNOWS How to Shine The Light of God to ALL to Behold and Appreciate :

These Images are usually emailed to people, and show up in every now and then. Here they are on a page of their own.
Who the artist is, and where and what beach this is at was never mentioned in the email.
You can Be SURE that God Knows Though ! He was watching from above as they were made! The Creator watches ALL that his creation creates.

Look At The Awesome and Incredible Beautiful Detail That this Artist has put in the Sand Sculpture !
What a Glorious Way to Show the Messiah and his Deciples to the people !

JOHN 14:6

This is completely amazing. Complete with Scripture written on pages for people to read to explain and teach why this happened.

NOW THIS is Shining God to the world !!

Congratulations to you Whoever you are that produced This Jesus in the Sand.

The Entire World has Seen your Work over the internet and Has Celebrated What YOU have Done !

God Will Richly Reward you for this .