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Witness Videos that deal with unaddressed situations...

2005-HELL Fire on Tap VIDEO

2000-HELL Fire on Tap VIDEO

You Don't Truly Know God Until he makes it your Job to
Feed the Flames of Hell inside the Belly of a Giant Flaming Machine !

People You Have to Look At IT ! Focus On this. Watch these Videos Over and Over and Over ! CRANK UP THE SOUND, Put on Headphones!! and listen to the inflections of every sound that is made and said. Imagine in the video above that the shovel was filled with people being cast into hell. People being shoveled into the flames of hell by the million !

On Judgement Day God The Father Will cast the people and souls of this Lost World we live in into and Eternal HELL FIRE the same way you see Giant Lumps of Coal getting Cast into a Furnace Right Here in this video. The Fire in This Video is a Deep FREEZER compared to the Hell Flames that are hotter then the largest Nuculear Blast and NEVER END FOREVER !! This is SERIOUS ! This isn't just a Joke! It's Reality - For ETERNITY !

"Here Comes The Giant PRAISE MACHINE" VIDEO!

Picture a Giant Praise Machine which is a Steam Train that Shines God Big Time! As it approaches you the Steam Speaks and Praises God as It Huffs and Says "THANK YOU JESUS !! THANK YOU JESUS !!" Over and Over As it works it's way up the hill, and when The Whistle Blows - It's AWESOME !! The Spirit Of GOD and The Holy Ghost Fills you up with Glory and Joy Unspeakable and Wraps itself All Around you and you are instantly covered with goose bumps and start a shakin' and a crying out for Joy !!
It's Smokin !!!!

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