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Shalom: Yesua - Jesus Is The Father God In Son !
WARNING: Exposure to JESUS The Son of God will prevent eternal burning!

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Eternity Tickets: "FreeAdmissionToEternity" People that don't know how to go to heaven need an 'Admission Ticket' - One that's looks just like the kind they know of from going to football games and other sporting events, concerts, movie theathers and so on all their lives. These tickets are available 8 on a page in pdf file format (8 up) for printing on letter size card stock. There are both front and back files for printing on both sides of the card stock. Simply open the file for the front and print as many as you want, then put the paper back in the printer to print on the other side, and open the file for the rear and print out the same number of pages. It's that easy. The ticket rear features a heaven image that's an awarded rainbow photograph From Christian Artist L.J. Kroneman (Kroneman.Com) with the image of Jesus and Scripture superimposed on it. The hell fire image is a 2500+ degree fire in a 20 foot deep furnace in an antique steam museum boiler. It's a snow cone compared to what is in hell itself. Click HERE to see a little movie of the furnace in action with hell fire on tap.
Click Either Ticket to download the pdf page of tickets to print......

FunnyHow U Reap - This is a revised open source powerpoint presentation that is also here on the website where you can link to it from any other website or email from anywhere in the world. It relates to how we send jokes and supposidley funny, and sometimes ugly things through email and web pages. It goes into a serious presentatiion of how God is Dead from the world today by law, with salvation and bible reading emphasis at the tail end. It's also availlable with narration - which is a large file on a data CD. These are the links to the files and web pages.

Web Site

Power Point Show File...

These Items will Help you To Shine God and Take The message of Salvation to people that think it just a bunch of bunk ! Who might this be ? It's 85% of the World - About 4 BILLION PEOPLE, and about 60% of the United States - About 160 Million Right here in the USA! Can't BE! You Say? Then YOU ADULTS OVER 40 NEED TO GO AND TUNE A TV SET TO MTV AND LEAVE IT ON FOR 24 HOURS A DAY FOR 10 DAYS!!! THAT will show you what's being Pumped into the Spirits and Conciousness of the Past 2 Generations of Children in this country!! It's about as wholesome as the HIV virus the generations are ending up with! Programming for the mind of the youth directly from the eternal burning of hell

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